Grey Power NZ INC. Shingles Vaccine

Published: 2017, Prepared by Jan Pentecost

Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill No.2

Published: July 25 2016, Prepared by P. Matcham

Social Security Legislation Re-Write Bill (2016)

Published: June 20 2016, Prepared by P. Matcham, J. Pentecost, T. O’Connor

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (2016)

Published: March 2016, Prepared by T. Daniell

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

Published: March 11 2016, Prepared by M. Jackson

Residential Tenancies Smoke Alarms and Insulation Regulations

Published: February 9 2016, Prepared by P. Matcham & T. Daniell

Introduction of sub-sets of the ‘inflation series’ Consumer Prices Index

Published: November 24 2015, Prepared by L. Rolhoff

National Prioritisation Tool for Elective General Surgery

Published: July 26 2015, Prepared by J. Pentecost & P. Matcham.  Additional input J. Millar, K. de Lacy

Content of the 2018 Census

Published: January 30 2015, Prepared by P. Matcham

2015-2016 ACC Levies

Published: June 16 2014, Prepared by J. Pentecost

Content of the NZ General Social Survey

Published: May 30 2014, Prepared by P. Matcham

Local Government Act Amendment (no 3) Bill

Published: February 13 2014, Prepared by J. Pentecost & G. Currie

Joint Regulatory Scheme for Therapeutic Products under ANZTPA

Published: 2014, Prepared by J. Millar

Tertiary Education Strategy

Published: November 15 2013, Prepared by J. Pentecost

New Zealand Post Deed of Understanding

Published: March 12 2013, Prepared by J. Pentecost

Aged Residential Care Facilities & Stand- down Provisions for Mixed Facilities

Published: February 15 2013, Prepared by J. Pentecost

NZ Government Web Standards

Published: February 12 2013, Prepared by P. Matcham

Mixed Ownership Model Bill

Published: 2013, Prepared by members of the Energy portfolio, chair A. Davies