Grey Power Federation New Zealand Inc prides itself on being able to provide a regularly updated website with information suited to it’s members and the wider interested community.  In doing so, we try to adapt the information to be as accessible to as many people as possible.  Usability and accessibility are both very important to us.

Sometimes things may not work as expected.  We accept that due to a large number of devices, a myriad of configuration and screen sizes etc, certain functionality may cease working or there may be visual imperfections.

We encourage anyone experiencing an issue with this site to report it. To help us understand the nature of the issue you’re experiencing, please submit a bug report.

How to report a bug

Please submit your bug report to

What is a useful bug report?

Please attach screenshots to your email if possible.  Our web team would also appreciate knowing what version your operating system is (Windows 10 / Mac Sierra etc) and the type of internet browser you are using.

If the issue is reproducible and appears to be something that happens after following a procedure or process, please outline the steps taken.

In most instances, simply providing a screenshot would get our developers very excited.

Bug reporting general guidelines

The goals of a bug report are to:

  1. Pinpoint the bug
  2. Explain it to the developer

The more information we have, the better we are able to describe it to our web developers.  While some things may appear plain obvious to you, please remember that there are a lot of different devices we need to test the website on.  We understand that software naturally becomes obsolete over the years.  It is an ongoing development process to ensure that the website continues to work and function correctly for everybody.  We appreciate people such as yourself bringing these issues to our attention.

The bug could also be specific to you for a reason beyond our control.  Please test the issue you’re experiencing on another device if possible.

We thank you in advance.

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