Grey Power NZ Federation Inc. Social Services Policy

Last reviewed 14/09/2014

Policy Mission

To work to ensure that all people in New Zealand receive fair treatment by all social services personnel and have access to, and be accurately informed of all entitlements, initiatives or changes that affect them.

Problems the policy addresses

  1. There is a lack of information on entitlements.
  2. Not all the information is provided in plain English.
  3. Inadequate Ministry of Social Development (MSD) staff training in dealing with older people.
  4. Failure of MSD to provide local liaison people.
  5. Lack of understanding of low-sight best practice guidelines.
  6. Older people’s contribution to non-wage economy is invisible.

Policy solutions

  1. Provide full and easily accessible entitlement information [MSD].
  2. Work with other agencies including Citizens’ Advisory Bureau, Age Concern, WINZ etc. to establish easily accessible and clear information on availability of support and entitlements (these 2 goals address problem 1).
  3. Check all information and re-write as necessary in plain English [MSD] (addresses problem 2).
  4. Provide adequate training for staff who deal with older people [MSD] (addresses problem 3).
  5. Require an assessment on the necessity of local liaison people to help the older cohort with MSD requirements [MSD], [Local associations] (addresses problem 4).
  6. Require the MSD to enable low-sighted people (addresses problem 6).
  7. Make older peoples’ contribution to the economy visible [Govt.] (addresses problem 7).

Policy goals

Grey Power will:

  1. Advocate for full and easily accessible entitlement information (addresses solution 1 & 2).
  2. Advocate for MSD to re-write relevant entitlement information in plain English (addresses solution 3).
  3. Advocate for MSD to provide adequate staff training for staff who deal with older people (addresses solution 4).
  4. Work with local associations to discover which services a local liaison person could provide for older people (addresses solution 5).
  5. Require MSD to design all literature and signage to facilitate use by low-sighted people (addresses solution 6).
  6. Work with Treasury and other groups/individuals to promote the inclusion of voluntary and non-paid contributions in all assessments of the economy (addresses solution 7).
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