Grey Power NZ Federation Local Body Policy

Last Reviewed 9/09/2014

Policy Mission

To promote an equitable funding system for local bodies and assist Associations in their involvement with their local body.

Problems the policy addresses

  1. The views, needs and concerns of older New Zealanders are not currently influencing local council policies.
  2. The methods of local body funding currently in use disadvantage those on low and fixed incomes.

Policy solutions

  1. Introduce older person’s fora within each Territorial Local Authority (TLA) with sufficient officer support to enable meaningful contribution to policy development. [TLAs & other local bodies] (Addresses problem 1).
  2. Achieve the adoption by TLAs of policies consistent with WHO’s Age Friendly Cities Strategy.[TLAs & other local bodies] (Addresses problem 1).
  3. Establish a coalition of like-minded organisations concerned with establishing a fair and equitable funding system for local body expenditure. [NGOs, LGNZ, Academia] (Addresses problem 2).
  4. Plan a campaign to promote debate on alternative funding methods that meet expenditure requirements and consider ability to pay that reduces ratepayer commitment. [NGOs, LGNZ, Academia] (Addresses problem 2).

Policy goals

  1. Establish data on how councils engage with the older community and their representatives.
  2. Determine the most effective model for engagement (considering largest cities, small to medium sized cities, and District Councils with their many small towns).
  3. Target most receptive councils to adopt the identified model.

(these three goals address solution 1)

  1. Provide advocacy packages to Associations to assist in preparation of submissions on Long Term Plans and Annual Plans.
  1. Identify organisations working towards better funding bases for local authorities.
  2. Establish working relationships with appropriate organisations.
  3. Draft pro forma Memorandum of Understanding for use when agreeing to work with other organisations in the field.

(these three goals address solution 3)

  1. Establish a repository of easily accessible and summarised research on funding systems.
  2. Establish criteria required to ensure that any funding system is fair, equitable and identifies and addresses true hardship arising from ability to pay.
  3. Model and publish impact of proposed alternate funding systems against agreed criteria.
  4. Model impact of rating individual Retirement village properties, including ability to claim rates rebate, and provide to appropriate associations.
  5. Promote provision at TLA level of rate rebate schemes for granny flats and properties outside the Government scheme
  6. Monitor TLA’s to establish intentions, and alongside the Association affected, make submissions to the appropriate authority
  7. Maintain a watching brief and encourage Associations to also keep a watching brief (these latter goals address solution 4)
  8. Engage with TLAs for provision of both ‘village’ and mixed purpose development that promote the development of small high quality housing units in district plans
  9. Monitor TLA’s to establish intentions and alongside the Association affected make submissions to the appropriate authority
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