Grey Power NZ Federation Inc. Law and Order Policy

Last reviewed 9/09/2014

Policy Mission

To work to ensure the security and safety of all New Zealanders and their assets with particular emphasis on the 50 plus age group.

Problems the policy addresses

  1. Crimes committed by people whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  2. Scams
  3. Mental illness and crime
  4. Ineffective solutions for those involved in crime e.g. punishment regimes etc.

Problem solutions

  1. Legislate to reduce the availability of alcohol through the introduction, in full, of the recommendations of the Law Commission Report on Alcohol Reform.[Govt.] (addresses problem 1).
  2. Provide more timely drug and alcohol treatment (addresses problem 1).
  3. Provide advice about scams and what to do to avoid becoming involved in them [Ministry of Social Development] (addresses problem 2).
  4. Encourage home owners and landlords to provide security devices in private homes and social housing (addresses problems 1 & 3).
  5. Recognise the relationship between mental health issues and crime to reduce the incidence of this type of crime [Govt.] (addresses problem 3).
  6. Legislate for more effective solutions for those involved in crime [Govt.] (addresses all the problems).

Policy goals

Grey Power will:

  1. Advocate for alcohol related crime incidents in our communities to be addressed by higher alcohol prices, reduced or no alcohol sponsorship of sport and a reduction in the hours during which alcohol can be sold.
  2. Require that sufficient drug and alcohol addiction treatment be provided.
  3. Advocate for effective monitoring to ensure treatment compliance be provided.
  4. Advocate for a service to accept unused drugs for safe disposal be provided (these 4 goals address solutions 1 & 2).
  5. Support community projects aimed at the prevention of crime including scams and encourage more effective Ministry of Social Development publicity campaigns (addresses solution 3).
  6. Work with appropriate agencies to encourage the use of efficient home security devices including effective security doors and alarms in social housing (addresses solution 4).
  7. Advocate for the relationship between mental health issues and crime to be recognised and request that appropriate action be taken (addresses solution 5).
  8. Advocate for the introduction of legislation for mandatory minimum custodial sentences for persons convicted of home invasion crimes.
  9. Promote positive alternatives to imprisonment for those who break the law in minor matters excluding crimes of violence.
  10. Advocate for the Government to implement an effective and robust system which ensures that Court ordered restitution and compensation is paid promptly and in full.
  11. Advocate for the provision of night courts (these 5 goals address solution 6).
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