Grey Power NZ Federation Inc. Health Policy

Last reviewed 9/09/2014

Policy Mission

To protect and promote the health of New Zealanders through the public health system.

Problem the policy addresses

The public health system is unable to meet the current and expected demand necessary to allow older New Zealanders to continue to participate fully in society, and to minimise their requirement for long term treatment of chronic conditions, and institutional care.


The New Zealand health system is facing an increasing demand for services arising from improvements in medical procedures, increased life expectancy and increased expectations from the public.  This will be further exacerbated by the predicted changes to the population age structure.  Support for the ‘ageing in place’ policy seeks to mitigate this by focussing funding on preventative measures and early intervention.

Problem Solutions

To take all necessary action to minimise demand for complex and costly procedures through preventative measures and to provide timely early intervention, allowing more effective targeting of resources.

Policy Goals

Grey Power will:

  1. Advocate for provision of funding for two free health checks per year for those over 65 years of age.
  2. Request that DHB funding allocated to aged care be ring fenced.
  3. Work with other agencies for the provision of incentives to make healthy life choices to reduce future demand.
  4. Advocate for improved early access to elective surgery through demonstration of a positive benefit / cost ratio.
  5. Advocate for tax relief on private health insurance premiums.


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