Grey Power NZ Federation Inc. Aged Care Policy

Last reviewed 9/09/2014

Policy Mission

To work to ensure the safety and well-being of all older people in care, whether in their own homes or in care facilities.

Problems the policy addresses

  1. Lack of compliance of some DHBs with the national assessment for care.
  2. Inadequate funding for the aged care sector by some DHBs.
  3. Insufficient and inadequate personal and domestic care being provided to aged persons to fulfil their needs.
  4. Lack of follow-on care for aged persons following discharge from hospital.
  5. Elder abuse by families, caregivers and other responsible persons.
  6. Low wages paid to workers in the aged care sector.
  7. Inadequate response to concerns and complaints of those receiving care and their families.

Problem solutions

  1. DHBs regard the national standards for the aged as a minimum level of care (addresses problem 1).
  2. Funding provided by government for aged care is passed on to providers (addresses problem 2).
  3. DHBs and care providers fulfil the spirit, intent and practical applications of the legislation around aged care.
  4. All providers of care respect the dignity of those they serve.
  5. Standards of training, both academic and practical, for those engaged in providing care for aged persons are at professional levels (these 3 solutions address problem 3).
  6. Elder abuse is eradicated from our society (addresses problem 5).
  7. All aged care sector workers receive, as a minimum, the ‘Living Wage’ as defined by the Family Centre Policy Research Unit (addresses problem 6).
  8. An efficient and effective advocacy service is provided in cases of complaint or concerns from recipients and their families (addresses problem 7).

Policy goals

Grey Power will:

  1. Promote adoption of the recommendations of the “Caring Counts” report.
  2. Advocate for those requiring residential or home care to receive adequate, on-going assessment of their needs and the appropriate level of care (addresses solutions 2, 3 & 4).
  3. Encourage aged care providers to improve the standard of training for aged care workers (addresses solution 5).
  4. Work with other agencies to establish an Aged Care Commissioner to deal with elder abuse (addresses solution 6).
  5. Urge political parties to support the provision of a living wage for aged care workers (addresses solution 7).
  6. Document and report failures in the above areas to the appropriate authorities (addresses solutions 1-7).
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