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7th June 2016- Moko Rangitoheriri and Pleas Bargaining “Click Here”

17th June 2016- NZ Seniors Party “Click Here”

24th June 2016- Old Drivers “Click Here”

27th June 2016- SuperGold Card “Click Here”

8th July 2016-  Recent Developments “Click Here”

27th July 2016- Cannabis “Click Here”

5th August 2016- Local Government “Click Here”

16th September 2016- Pensions, Pot and other Political Groups “Click Here”

26th September 2016- Amendment Bill “Click Here”

5th December 2016- Water “Click Here”

19th December 2016- Don’t mess with Superannuation “Click Here”

27th January 2017- Issues and Options “Click Here”

3rd April 2017- National Super Changes “Click Here”


27th July 2017- Log Burners “Click Here”