Grey Power is committed to making our website accessible to everyone.  We’ve developed this website to be as easy as possible to use.  Our developers are always standing by for your feedback.

We use a “base-point” font-size of 16px which is fairly standard across the web.

To assist with ease of readability, we’ve developed a handy utility to adjust the font size for this website just for you.  You’ll find this at the top of the first page of this website.  Your preference will be recorded in a special non-harmful cookie on your device and this website will “remember” your choice for the next time you visit.  This utility only affects this Grey Power website.

For overall help with web accessibility, we’ve compiled the following information:

Web Accessibility Help

Use your computer to read web pages out loud

Increase Text Size

With almost all modern web browsers you can hold down the Ctrl key (Command key on a Macintosh) and press the + (plus) key to increase text size or – (minus) key to reduce text size.

Magnify your screen

If enlarging the text is not enough to make the page easily readable, the next step is to magnify your screen.  Recent versions of Windows include magnification software, which will allow you to increase text to a very large size.

The Windows magnifier is limited in its functionality, however, so many visually impaired users find they need a more sophisticated magnification software program.  Here is a list of screen magnifier products:

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